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Mold Inspection

Get it done right, The first time

What your mold inspection covers

Exterior Mold inspection

Every Mold Inspection comes with an exterior sample to determine levels of mold spores relative to the interior of the property.

Additional Samples (only if needed)

If microbial growth is found in separate areas of the property. We will inform you of what we have found...you tell us if you want it tested or not for Mold. "Absolutely NO pressure upselling..."

Our promise to you

We promise that we will use best efforts in providing you with a thorough investigation of your property.

Interior mold inspection

Every Mold Inspection comes with an interior sample to determine levels of mold spores relative to the exterior of the property. The comparison of exterior and interior presence is crucial to the total mold level assessment.


We make recommendations to prevent future mold issues, and depending on the samples results from the laboratory you can then decide if you need remediation or not.

great home or great understanding

A "Great Home" is relative to what you value. Every home has issues, so protect it by understanding those issues. We explain our findings in a plain manner so you know what you are dealing with and are better apt to assess your risk.

Mold exposure - myth or fact

Watch. These are real people...

"S1 Inspection actually cares about the customer, its like calling a family member accept they know what they're doing."
Margaret Hersh
"Professional, On-time, Flexible and understanding. I would definitely recommend these guys"
Bradley Morris

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